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What are your hours?

Access to your unit is 24/7. We can arrange to meet you to show you or rent you a unit at your convenience.

How much space do I need?

To see our page with unit sizes and descriptions, click here.

Do I have to sign a lease?

Our Occupancy Agreements are month-to-month. No long-term lease is required. Keep the unit as long or as little as you need it.

How long is the lease for?

Month-to-month. As little or as long as you need.

Can I reserve a unit?

Occasionally we are able to hold a unit. Give us a call at 585-427-2660 and we can discuss it.

Do you require a deposit?

A security deposit equal to one month's occupancy charge is required and is refunded in full when you're done with the unit, if you've kept your payments up-to-date and left the unit as you've found it.

Are there additional charges?

None, unless your payments are late. There is an $8.00 late fee or a $15.00 fee for bounced checks. All monthly charges are due on the first of the month. Payments not received by the 7th incur the late charge.

What if I don't pay on time?

You might lose your stuff! At the very least, you'll incur late charges. Be sure to read the Occupancy Agreement carefully.

Do you prorate?

Yes, on entry and exit.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Check or money order are preferred, cash is acceptable. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards at this time.

What kind of documentation do I need to provide to rent a unit?

You will need to provide a valid, government-issued form of identification, such as a driver's license, a state ID or a passport.

Are the units dry?

Yes. But just like your own unheated garage, don't put paper or fabric in direct contact with the concrete floor. But the wood, metal or plastic feet of furniture or appliances will have no problem.

Can you move my stuff?

No, sorry, we're not set up for that.

What kind of doors do your units have?

Most of our units have overhead, garage-type doors. Remove you lock, slide the blot, grab the handle and raise the door. These doors will have a trailing rope so you can pull it back down. Our 5x20s and 6x20s have a hinged-type door. The hinged doors measure 4ft by 7ft tall.

How tall are the units?

All of the units are a minumum of 10ft tall inside. In the units with garage-type doors, the overhead door limits some of the overhead space when it is open.

Will I need to use stairs or an elevator to get to my unit?

No. All units are grade-level with exterior access. Drive up and load and unload.

What type of security do you provide?

Our facility does not currently employ gated access, unit alarms or video cameras. Even those tools cannot prevent all forms of theft. Incidents have thankfully been very rare. A good lock has been found to be the best protection against theft. Our manager can offer advice about purchasing a better lock.

Do you provide a lock?

Each renter installs his or her own lock. Only you and those to whom you provide a key or combination will have access. Our personnel will have no access.

What if I lose the key or forget the combination?

A locksmith can help you. We will only cut off your lock if requested by the original renter. Two forms of ID, including at least on valid, government-issued photo ID.

What about insurance?

Our insurance DOES NOT cover your contents. Most homeowner's or renter's policies will cover storage at a facility such as our ours. But don't assume that will be the case, check with your agent. You may also be able to purchase a rider.

What items can't be stored?

No hazardous, toxic, illegal or flammable items may be stored. No food or perishable items. Examples of non-permitted items include: gasoline, kerosene, propane, paint, paint-thinner, fireworks, pesticides, medical waste, etc.

Do you sell boxes, locks, packing materials or rent trucks?


What kinds of uses are permitted in the units?

Only storage. No construction, assembly, etc., is permitted.

Is there electricty in the units?

There is a light in each unit. There are no outlets.

Do you offer long-term parking for boats, RVs and other types of vehicles?

Sorry, we do not.
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